Get to know yourself before applying!

1 in 2 starters is unhappy with their job. Avoid this scenario with the KAZI-test!

The starter test was developed for final year students and young graduates who are starting their search for a first job. The test consists of two questionnaires: one to discover your work values and another one to discover your team roles. The work values describe what you find important within a job and the team roles indicate what position in a team is best for you. 

By who?

The starter test is academically validated and developed by HR Tech company KAZI in cooperation with the psychodiagnostic center of Thomas More (KUL). The project emerged when research showed that 4 out of 10 starters change jobs within their first year. 

Who is it for?

KAZI & on jobfairs

Discover how KAZI helps with jobfairs in the video below!

VTK Leuven - Job fair 2018

As a helicopter, you maintain a good overview and you always find the fastest way to success. You rarely lose your overview and thus keep an eye on long-term planning.

Are you... harmonious ?

You prefer to work with clear agreements and a guide to procedures and working methods. You like to know what is expected of you and you want to receive regular feedback about your performance.

Do you have... a helicopter view ?

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